The Ghana ADR Hub is a full-service alternative dispute resolution organization providing both services and practical training in arbitration, mediation and dispute system design for individuals, businesses, and law firms. Founded in 2018 the Hub is headquartered in Kumasi but our activities and partnerships span across the whole country. 

Our Purpose and Values

Ghana ADR Hub’s mission is to promote alternative dispute resolution as a preferred mode of resolving disputes. We strive to create a Pan African Alternative Dispute Resolution Institution that provides reliable and integrity-driven alternative dispute resolution services in accordance with international best practices. 

Our Team

We have a great  team of professionals across Legal, Administrative & Support services to facilitate world-class ADR Services and Training for our clients across all business and public sector needs.

Our Rules

Our Mediation and Arbitration Rules outline the procedures and guidelines to govern Arbitration and Mediation procedures conducted at the Ghana ADR Hub 


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